MQTT on Juniper devices with Junos 16.1R1

MQTT on Juniper devices with Junos 16.1R1 For decades, syslog and snmp traps have been extensively used to receive event notifications from devices. It typically required an operator to configure the event category and severity level on the devices and where to send the events to. Fast forward to today and thanks to a generic... Continue Reading →

Lightweight 4over6 B4 Client in Linux Namespace

Lightweight 4over6 B4 Client in Linux Namespace RFC 7596 extends Dual-Stack Lite (RFC 6333) by moving the Network Address and Port Translation (NAPT) function from the centralized DS-Lite tunnel concentrator to the tunnel client located in the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). I needed a simple test setup to verify Juniper Networks vMX lw4over6 AFTR functionality.... Continue Reading →

Run Juniper vMX as Contrail Gateway for IPv6 Overlay

Run Juniper vMX as Contrail Gateway for IPv6 Overlay Overview Juniper vMX is distributed as a compressed tar file and getting started documentation can be found at I explain the steps I took to launch and configure a vMX instance as Contrail L3VPN Gateway router for IPv4 and IPv6. I took the “quick-and-dirty road”... Continue Reading →

Hierarchical map of key computing elements

Hierarchical map of key computing elements Trying to optimize network performance by pinning applications to CPU cores with numactl requires a basic understanding of which cores are available and the locality of PCI devices, including network interfaces. Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) provides such information and more: Via google I found a good introduction article about... Continue Reading →

Juniper Networks vMX on Snabb NFV

Juniper Networks vMX on Snabb NFV This is my first attempt getting Juniper Networks vMX virtual router running on top of Snabb Switch. This is probably one of the first few attempts to run non-Linux based VM’s on top of Snabb NFV and more work is need to get it fully functional. This blog explains... Continue Reading →

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