VXLAN offload using tc flower on ConnectX-5

Overview After exploring XDP for some time for L2TPv3 and VXLAN, I wanted to dig deeper into hardware offload capabilities, specifically for VXLAN, but without using Open vSwitch (OVS). Mellanox has some great blog posts to get me started: https://community.mellanox.com/s/article/Configuring-VXLAN-Encap-Decap-Offload-Using-tcPlus some help from their official documentation:https://community.mellanox.com/s/article/Configuring-VXLAN-Encap-Decap-Offload-Using-tc What follows is a detailed description of me recreating... Continue Reading →

iPad and IPMI Serial-Over-LAN (SOL)

IPMI is great to manage servers remotely. A web interface offers full manageability, including power on/off and reset. It also comes with a remote console feature using HTML5 (or Adobe Flash), but that's where I got stuck using just my iPad Pro: it doesn't work. But there is also an option to use Serial-Over-LAN (SOL)... Continue Reading →

Deploy Juniper vMX via Docker Compose

Deploy Juniper vMX via Docker Compose Being able to download and run Juniper vMX on KVM and ESXi has really helped me learning more about networking, telemetry and build automation solutions. But the software dependencies combined with manual editing and launch of shell scripts per vMX instance felt a bit outdated to me. Why can’t... Continue Reading →

BGP over unnumbered interfaces, automated

BGP over unnumbered interfaces, automated Configuring BGP peering between many network devices in a datacenter can become quickly repeatitive, boring and hence open to human errors. Each link requires its own dual stack IP subnet with unique endpoints. The very same endpoint IP addresses must then be used to configure BGP peers on either side... Continue Reading →

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