Bye Evernote, hello (Dropbox) Notes Folder

Bye Evernote, hello (Dropbox) Notes Folder

I’ve been a heavy Evernote users across my OS/X and IOS devices, but got more and more annoyed about my inability to find notes quickly (UI issue, or more likely, me), lack of Linux client and probably most importantly, no easy way to print/export to PDF.


Thanks to Git, I got more and more into Markdown formatted text and started hunting for Markdown capable Editors across the various platforms I use. got me off the ground quickly and remains my preferred editor to publish to my Blog on wordpress.

Why not just use a shared private folder in the cloud? I’m already using Dropbox to share various non-confidential files across my devices, so why not use it to store “stuff” I typically kept in Evernote? Well, turns out, this works really well. From iPhone and iPad I simply share web pages with Dropbox and have a Notes folder as default. Text gets saved as PDF, making it readible on all devices, including working hyperlinks!

Then I tried to find a similar easy export option from my OS/X browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), but couldn’t find anything convincing (printing to PDF is available, but akward to use and the formatting gets often screwed, cutting off parts of the lines).

While creating more and more text documents in Markdown, I stumbled upon the Markdown Editor and fell immediately in love! Looks very nice and works on Linux and OS/X. Try it out if you are into Markdown.

So far so good, but what about clipping web content into a files in my Notes folder in Dropbox on OS/X? Amazingly, the simple workflow: select all -> copy to clipboard, launch Typora, paste clipboard into the empty document, then select ‘Move to’ from the Typora Menu opens a dialog box, suggesting the pasted text title as filename. What about the formatting of the pasted text? Works really well, including fixed type fonts for code fragments!

Blog post in Chrome:

Blog post in Chrome

Pasted into Typora:
Pasted into Typora

Then moving the document to my Notes folder:

Move to Notes folder
Move to Notes folder


On my iphone, I can now open this new document in Byword (or any other markdown editor) and even edit there.


I’m using this pragmatic way of documenting lab works, clipping interesting web findings into a simple shared folder, taking advantage of the Finder’s sort feature to display newest entries on top and stick to Markdown as much as possible. Being able to clip web pages into markdown is really cool and extremely simple to use.

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